Wild New Military Inventions Featuring Non Lethal Weapons Utilizing Interesting Technologies Like Light, Sound, and More!

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These new non-lethal military weapons may save countless lives in the future if they work as described.






New Military Inventions Featuring Non Lethal Weapons

New Military Inventions of Non Lethal Weapons Utilizing Interesting Technologies.

Imagine having to be one of those soldiers who have to protect against suicide bombers in cars.  If for any number of reasons a vehicle, or a person or group of people are approaching and don't stop when you want them to halt, you will have to fire on them to stop them possibly resulting in the deaths of innocent but not-to-savvy civilians.

That is only one possible scenario for the use of non-lethal weapons, and there are many.  Well now the military has some really nifty new ones ready or almost ready for deployment that will for the first time give them good tools to save lives without using deadly force for many situations.

There is an organization established by the U.S. Defense department known as the Join Non-Lethal Weapons Program.  The following weapons are a result of their work.

Active Denial System

The ADS is a microwave type beam that causes temporary intense pain in the skin of the person the beam is shined on.  The radiation is harmless and causes no permanent damage, but causes excruciating pain, in the recipient even through thick heavy clothing. The pain stops instantly when the beam is removed. The beam will not cause anything to catch on fire either, not even fuels.

The ADS is still be worked on to reduce its size and power requirements which are substantial. When operating the beam equipment can require as much as 275 kW.

Distributed Sound and Light Array

The next item of interest is the "Distributed Sound and Light Array" (DSLA).  This innovative new weapon is designed to disperse crowds and or prevent the accurate throwing or aiming any weapons they may have.

The DSLA sends out a beam of sound that can reach levels of 150 dB and beams of light from an array of four white lights including two spot lights, with 12 million candle power each, and two search lights with 20 million candlepower each. There is also a green laser on the light array which is kept at levels that will not cause eye damage.

It's hard to accurately aim a weapon when your hands are clasped firmly against your ears and your eyes are squeezed tightly shut!  The entire DSLA can be mounted on a Humvee. The device has been shown to be effective up to 2 km. away. The operators wear ear protection and laser goggles.

The FN-303 launcher

A fancy paint ball gun of sorts, the FN-303 launcher is powered by a small tank that attaches to the side of the gun.  The tank is pressurized to 3,000 psi, which is capable of 100 shots. The launcher fires small .68 caliber rounds which disintegrate on impact to reduce the chance of serious injury. It will hold 15 rounds in its magazine, and the rounds can be filled with paint too.

Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device

VLAD is a net like device, looking somewhat like a volleyball net that is used to stop vehicles.  The net has carbon steel spikes on the edge with the ability to pierce tires. The netting is made from Dyneema, a strong light polyethylene fiber.

You can throw the net across a road by hand or a machine can be used to deploy it.  When a vehicle runs over it, it wraps around the tires and front axle stopping the vehicle. The VLAD will stop a 2-ton vehicle going 60 miles per hour in about 75 meters.


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