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If you have a new idea or a new product that needs to be manufactured, then you must decide whether you want to do it or have it done by some one else.






How To Manufacture or Get Your New Idea Manufactured

Product Manufacturing - How To Manufacture or Get Your New Idea Manufactured

Your manufacturing process will, of course, depend upon your product.  There are a number of ways to get your product manufactured.

You can manufacture it yourself.  Depending on your product, this could be a huge undertaking or a small one.

You can sub-contract out portions or all of the manufacturing to other companies.

An invention I am currently marketing, the Chilipepper appliance, consists of an electric motor, a gear pump, an electronic control circuit, and the case.

We subcontract out to an electric motor manufacturer to have the armature, field, and brush holder card custom made for us and purchase those components and the brushes, brush springs, and motor bearings from the motor manufacturer.

The pump parts are plastic, and we subcontract out the pump parts and the outer case to a plastic injection molding company.

The electronic control circuit is assembled by another company.

The rest of the parts such as power cords, rubber grommets and seals etc., we purchase and we do the assembly ourselves.  We also package the product and ship it ourselves.

There are companies that will do part of or all of the assembly and even drop ship for their clients.

I found all of the suppliers of parts by searching online for them.

It is important to thoroughly investigate your manufacturing plans early on because if you don't know how much it will cost to manufacture your product you won't be able to establish a retail price.  And the retail price can make or break your endeavor.  

You can get quotes from manufactures from drawings and by letting them use your prototypes.

This is one of the reasons an accurate prototype is so important.  


At some point our supplier of electric motor parts raised their price so high that we had to go to a company in China to have our parts made.

We are a small company and we can't afford to buy a container full of parts at one time.  We had to deal with a small manufacturer in China due to our limited budget and inability to purchase large quantities of parts at one time.

Working with a small Chinese company was difficult and very frustrating.  There were lots of communications problems and a whole lot of quality control issues to deal with.

It seemed as though every batch of parts we received had some sort of problem and it was always different. One time the armatures for the motors spun backwards. There were problems with balancing, dimensions, and surface finishes among other things.

You have to send someone over to the factory and have them watch the process to get any kind of decent quality control.

I assume that if we had been working with a larger company there would have been fewer problems... but maybe not.


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