List of Creative Ideas for Inventions To Inspire You To Create Your Own New Inventions.

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A list of things that need to be invented.






Here is a list of invention ideas, some are easy and others are not and probably some of the have been invented

Hopefully these invention ideas will spark your creativity and perhaps you will come up with that multi-million dollar invention.

List of Invention Ideas

A Smart Exercise Mat

This would be a mat you place on the floor, and by exercising on the mat the mat would display the number of calories you are burning.

Self Lowering Toilet Seat

This is for the women.  After being raised to be used by a male, the seat would slowly lower the lid.  To be marketable it would need to bolt on to the toilet exactly the way the seats are attached now.  It also need to be very easy to keep clean.

Wireless smart bathroom scale

A bathroom scale that would wirelessly connect to your home computer.  You could have the computer automatically keep a record of your weight and even provide you with a graph over time.

Fruit Harvesting Machines

Someone needs to perfect a machine that will harvest things like apples, oranges and other soft fruits.  Figure one out and you will be a billionaire!

Wireless power transmission.

Nikola Tesla was sure it could be done.  It's still being worked on and you may soon see it come to pass.  Wouldn't it be great if floor lamps and table lamps did not need cords!

Driving in Fog

I have always wanted to try mounting a laser at bumper height on my car and see if it helps drive in heavy fog.  One of these days...

Bladeless windshield wipers

I'd like to see some way of keeping the visibility at maximum during a heavy rainstorm without the wipers swishing back and forth.  Put on those thinking caps.

Audible Sneakers

How about shoes for kids with little circuits in them that would produce a variety of sounds when you walk.  You could have a switch that would switch between sounds.  You could have Clip Clopping like a horse, or squeaking like wet shoes, or make scary scraping noises.

Stay Open Freezer Bags

Freezer bags that would hold their shape when you open them and set them on the counter. Then it would be easy to scoop spaghetti sauce, soup, or whatever into them. 

Interactive cat toy

Cats need lots of attention, at least mine do. I'd like to see some kind of interactive toy for the cats that would keep them occupied for a couple of hours a day.  With a microcontroller brain there might be a way to make it smart enough to fool the cats. It would give me a break... all they want to do is play all the time.

Indicating Diapers

Diapers that change color when they get wet.  You could tell at a glance if your baby or toddler needed his or her diaper changed.

That's it for my invention ideas listed... now go out and figure out how to invent one or come up with some better inventions!


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