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Online Internet Marketing Techniques and Help for Inventors - Market Your New Invention Online

Free help for inventors with online internet marketing techniques and methods.

Once you have a new product, you may want to take a stab at internet marketing online. It can be done very economically which is always a help for the small inventor.

I'm marketing one of my inventions online, the Chilipepper appliance.  Here I will tell you what I did and how I did it. I won't say I can afford a luxury car yet, but I am making a living off of the Internet.

One of the first things to do is obtain for yourself a domain name.  You should try to find something related to your product or company, and people should be able to remember it.

In our case we had decided to name the invention a Chilipepper for who knows what reason...we thought it might get peoples curiosity?  We selected the domain name "" since Chilipepper had already been taken. (The app on the end stands for appliance.)

Next I learned html from online tutorials, downloaded a free html editor...I think it was called aol express.  And I built a website to sell my product on.  I'm not sure if you can still get free html editors to download.  But there are some very inexpensive editors you can use.  

To get into internet marketing online you will also need to find hosting for your new invention website.  You can find all kinds of web hosting deals online, some for as little as $5.00 per month.  

There are lots of tutorials on most all aspects of designing websites.  I took some free Barns and Noble courses involving website design that helped a lot. Sign up for some free newsletters and lists and visit forums related to website design and marketing.

One internet marketing technique - go online with your own website

Since my product, the Chilipepper, is a relatively little known about product with a niche market, it would never be found in the search engines unless you type in "Chilipepper", something most people are unlikely to do.

I figured that people who were searching for "water heaters" and related topics would be a good group to target.  So I did a whole lot of research, and put together on the Chilipepper web site a number of pages about how to repair and maintain water heaters complete with trouble shooting guides. 

On each page and included in the text where appropriate, I put links to the Chilipepper home page.  Currently I get over three thousand visitors a day. I have my own little online internet marketing success story you could say.

So my advice to you is to find a topic closely related to your product or invention, and create a website around that topic to attract visitors. Content is king.  Provide good information that people want and are looking for. Optimize your web pages for good search engine placement for that topic, and lead them to your product page from the topic content pages.

Online internet marketing methods I have employed to drive traffic to my Chilipepper web site include writing online press releases, writing articles and having them published in online magazines, article marketing to the article directories, joined and contributed to related news groups, and I continuously seek out reciprocal links for my site.  All good online marketing techniques.

I also put together an affiliate program so people who put a link on their site to my site get $20.00 anytime a visitor to their site clicks over to my site and makes a purchase.  Not only does that provide me with sales, but also increases the number of links to my site increasing my page rank with Google.


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