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Someone needs to invent a simple machine to entertain house cats!






Simple Machine Inventions - New Invention Idea

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Simple machine inventions - sounds great but let's have an example!  I happen to have what I think is a great invention idea for a simple machine that would be marketable and potentially an enormous financial success.

Someone needs to invent a simple machine to entertain house cats!    

I have two cats and they constantly pester me to play with them.  I would think in this day and age there would be some kind of electronic mechanical toy someone could invent that would keep the little beasts occupied for at least a couple of hours per day.

There are several approaches that I think hold promise.  Whatever the machine is, it probably needs to move quickly if it moves. It also should be relatively small, or at least parts of it should be.  Cats like small things that move quickly.

Perhaps a very tiny autonomous robot that would interact with the cats would work out well.  I don't know how small hobby type robots are these days... maybe I'll investigate that.  To provide interactivity one of these new micro-controllers would be idea.  They require very small amounts of current and need very little support circuitry. 

A couple of sensors and motors, and micro controller and some transistors or relays and you're in business.

Another interesting approach to a simple machine for a cat toy would be some type of device that could launch small objects into the air, and then reel them back in via strings attached to the object.

By incorporating one of those microprocessors and an infrared detector you could have it launch an object whenever the cat got close enough to be detected.  As it tries to reel back the small object it could sense how much resistance there was and stop reeling when it met resistance, or reel faster, or you could even ad random actions triggered by sensors to keep the cats off balance.

The machine could also make noises and or move under its own power.  Your imagination is the only constraint.

Launchers could be made in a variety of ways, spring loaded, air powered, centrifugal force powered are possible ways.  One method I'm thinking about is using a small tube about 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter and maybe 6 inches long, connected at one end to a small air chamber or tank through a valve.  A small aquarium type compressor could charge the tank and when the valve opens it would blow the small light object out of the tube. 

The object would be connected to a string which would be used to reel the object back in.  The string could thread through a small hole in the bottom end of the tube and attached to a reel powered by a small motor.  The reel could be rigged with a sensor to detect when the object was being pulled on by a feline.  In response it could have a number of responses pre-programmed into the microcontroller.  For instance, it could stop reeling in the object and simply wait until the object was not being pulled on by the cat, and then resume reeling.  It could also trigger the base unit to move in some way, or perhaps rotate, or even launch a second object.

The cat toy invention could also be programmed to play a variety of sounds in response to combinations of the sensor inputs.  Flashing lights are also a possibility. 

I may or may not get involved in a project to build a simple machine invention for the purpose of entertaining my cats depending on how much time I think I could spare for such a project. I probably should do it because if I could get myself a couple of hours a day without being pestered by the cats my productivity would undoubtedly improve substantially.

In the mean time if one of you closet inventors can come up with such an invention I would be happy to buy one for my cats!


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