New Product Stories About Real Inventions Including Making Prototypes and Doing Marketing - Real Life Experiences Both Good and Bad!

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New Product Stories About Real Inventions Including Making Prototypes and Doing Marketing

New Inventions - Real stories of patenting, prototyping and marketing new inventions and new product ideas

Over the years I've invented and/or marketed a number new products, most of which have not been a commercial success for one reason or another. Most new inventions never become a commercial success. New product ideas must be acted upon to become reality.

On the following pages I will describe the process I went through to get my inventions from the original concept to the market place, and why they did or did not succeed. I'll cover the process of building the prototypes, obtaining the patents, marketing the invention, and a host of topics from building web sites to packaging a product.  

My experiences include things like packaging, safety issues, raising money, plastic injection molding, machine shop work, patent lawyers, patent infringement trials, patent licensing, royalties, getting UL listed, shipping, and even getting products manufactured in China.  I've been sued, I've sued others, a product being sold in home depot was one of my inventions, but I don't get a dime from it, as it was successfully stolen from me. It's being sold in Australia and other countries as well as in the U.S. Oh and learn.

The "Creative Card Clip" story, taking new inventions from conception through marketing.  

The first invention I'll talk about will is what my partner and I ended up calling "Creative Card Clips", small plastic clips that can be used with playing cards to build all kinds of objects like airplanes, cars, forts, castles, etc.. 

The subjects I address are:

  • How I came up with the invention idea
  • Developing the prototype
  • Raising money 
  • Obtaining patent protection
  • Developing packaging
  • Marketing new inventions

Selective Asparagus Harvester Story 

Website for the asparagus harvester:

Card Clips Story  

The Hot Water Saver Story

Sealing Conduits Story

In the future as I have time, I will be adding more stories of my inventions to this section.

New Invention stories I will be adding in the future:  

The Trim Track margin trimmer.  A product I developed to remove the perforated margins on the edges of tractor feed type printed forms.

The Burster project.  A product I developed to separate continuous tractor feed forms into individual sheets.

Nozzle for dispensing foam for sealing conduits.. One of my better new product ideas...

The Hot Water Saver.  An energy saving product for water heaters. Still has enormous potential.  

The Hydro Thermal Stabilizer.  Patented but not marketed yet.

The Chilipepper Appliance supercharges your water heater getting you hot water faster and saves tons of water. This product is currently being marketed...mostly online.

Check back every once in a while as I will be adding new inventions to this site periodically as I have time.

List of my patents:

PAT. NO. Title 
5,586,572 Hydrothermal stabilizer 
5,584,316  Hydrothermal stabilizer and expansion tank system 
5,385,168  Hot water demand appliance and system 
5,304,396  Method for sealing cable conduits 
5,277,219  Hot water demand system suitable for retrofit 
5,273,190  Quick shot single barrel dispensing system 
5,120,144  Paper separator 
D326,277 Paper trimmer for tearing away edges of perforated computer paper
5,042,524  Demand recovery hot water system 
4,945,942 Accelerated hot water delivery system 
4,940,347 Paper tractor feed separator 
D286,555 Card clip 
4,512,145  Asparagus harvester 
3,967,824  Game board unit


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