Patent for a toy for children - game board unit - Patent No. 3,967,824, Patent.

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The present invention was conceived by me in a successful effort to provide a game board unit which to operate in a manner to "win" requires substantial concentration and deft manual skill.






Patent For A Toy For Children - Game board unit Patent No. 3,967,824

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United States Patent 3,967,824
Lund July 6, 1976

Game board unit


A game board unit comprising a flat, upwardly facing game board of non-magnetic material mounted for substantially universal tilting motion under manual control of a player, a multiplicity of board-mounted elements defining and bordering a circuitous path on the face of the board between a starting point and a finish point thereon, certain of such elements being magnets, and a magnetically-responsive ball adapted to run along such path between said points in response to variable tilting of the board by the player and in a manner attempting to maintain the running ball free of the attraction of and adhesion to said magnets.

Inventors: Lund; William J. (Stockton, CA)
Appl. No.: 05/579,773
Filed: May 22, 1975


Current U.S. Class: 273/110 ; 273/441; 273/456
Current International Class: A63F 7/38 (20060101); A63F 7/00 (20060101); A63F 007/04 ()
Field of Search: 273/110,109,113,115,116,1M

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Primary Examiner: Oechsle; Anton O.
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Webster; Roger B.


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