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New Invention Ideas - Great ideas but...

This seems to me to be a great idea.  You could use one of the new solid-state optical color sensors that are available these days and a microcontroller. The knob could point to a color scale band that went from light brown to black to set the desired color of the toast. 

When the color of the toast matches the shade the knob points to, the toaster pops up the toast.  You could toss in an English muffin, white bread, wheat bread, or whatever, and it would be just the color you like.

Pipe dope dispenser

This new invention idea is for plumbers. I actually made a prototype of this and it worked great.  I took a plastic bottle with an accordion type side wall... a collapsible plastic bottle, and built a special lid for it.  The lid could be rotated to orient any one of a number of holes in the side of lid over an opening in the sub-lid on the top of the bottle. The holes were sized to accept the threaded ends of different sizes of pipe.

To apply pipe dope to a threaded pipe end, rotate the lid until the hole that matches the diameter of the pipe is lined up in the dispensing position, press down on the lid to force the pipe dope into the lid dispenser, and rotate the pipe.  Only the threads end up filled with dope... no mess no fuss.

My prototype dispenser worked so well that my tool and die guy who was testing it for me refused to give it back.

Selective vegetable harvesting machine

There are no "selective" vegetable or fruit harvest machines on the market.  There are some efforts underway to develop apple and orange pickers, and I have developed a selective asparagus harvester, but other than that there are none. 

Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, citrus fruit, etc, are all hand harvested. If someone could invent a selective vegetable harvester that only harvests the ripe stuff and leave the rest for another time he would make a bundle.  Farmers would give their right arms for such machines.

Robotic mouse cat toy

If someone would invent a robotic mouse-like toy for my cat to play with I would definitely buy one. It could have a variety of response to external stimuli... like if a cat got with in sensor range the mouse could scurry away until out of range ziging and zagging as it ran.  Then, when the cat managed to catch it, it could play dead for a few moments, then when it sensed the cat wasn't batting it around it could shriek and scurry around etc.

Stay-open freezer bags - talking about great new invention ideas!

This is an invention idea that I am sure would be a big hit.  Embed some thin wire into the part of the plastic bags where they zip together.  You could bend the wires into any convenient shape to aid in filling or emptying the bag.  I think eventually we will see something like this in the grocery store.

Improved Disposable Diaper

How about a disposable diaper that changes color when it gets wet?  No more poking your finger in to check. Uh-oh... Honey... the diaper is blue, could you change the baby please? LOL

Self-lowering toilet seat

Every home in America would have one if it was done right.  I picture a toilet seat that is virtually indistinguishable from a standard seat, but with a big difference.  You would be able to lift the seat as you normally would, but within about 5 minutes the seat would slowly lower.  You would be able to easily push it down if you needed to.  The mechanism that lowers the seat needs to be simple and can't be difficult to clean.

That's about it for this list of new invention ideas.  I will be putting up more of these pages in the near future.  Maybe these examples will provide you with a bit of inspiration for your next great idea.


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