Invention History Timeline From 1950 To 1975 With Inventions Such As Transistor Radio, Integrated Circuits, Kevlar, MRI, Viagra and More!

Patents, Prototypes, Manufacturing, and Marketing New Inventions

An invention history timeline from 1950 to 1998.






Invention Timeline From 1950 to 1998.

Invention time line.

1951 Color television pictures are first transmitted

1951 Charles Ginsburg developed the first videotape recorder (VCR)

1952 Charles Townes, Prokhorov and Basov independently invent the maser

1952 First vaccine for polio discovered by Salk

1952 Bubble chamber developed by Donald Glaser to detect ionized particles

1953 First musical synthesizer invented by RCA

1953 Microwave ovens first produced by the Raytheon Corporation

1953 Mass production of Dacron synthetic material for use in the textiles industry

1953 Dr Rosalind Franklin discovered the double helix shape of DNA

1954 Bell Laboratories develop silicon solar cells, with a 6% efficiency

1954 First vaccine for Japanese encephalitis

1954 Invention of the transistor radio, which gains widespread usage in a very short time

1954 First solar battery invented by Fuller, Chapin and Pearson

1954 Natta invents polypropylene

1954 First non-stick pans developed, using Teflon

1954 First practical photovoltaic Solar cell demonstrated

1955 Modern high explosives developed for the first time

1956 Development of Scotchgard fabric and material protector by Patsy Sherman

1956 Norman Bier invents plastic contact lenses

1956 Invention of the substance later sold as Liquid paper to correct mistakes in typing

1957 First vaccine for adenovirus-4 and 7

1957 Fiber optic endoscope is tested on human patient

1957 Electron beam welding process described

1958 Kilby and Noyce develop the integrated circuit

1958 Invention of polycarbonate

1958 Chester Carlson demonstrates the first small-scale photocopying machine

1958 Lost foam casting technique patented

1959 Float glass process patented by Pilkington Brothers

1959 The Du Pont company develops Lycra

1959 Grace Hopper created COBOL programming language

1960 Theodore Maiman develops the first laser using a ruby cylinder

1961 Silicon chips are developed

1961 Heat-resistant superpolymers introduced

1961 First demonstration of use of optical fibre to transmit laser light signal

1962 Dow Corporation develop silicon breast implants

1962 The first semiconductor lasers are built

1962 First oral polio vaccine

1962 First computer game devised; Spacewar

1962 First fibre-tip pen developed

1962 Nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti) alloy with shape memory invented

1964 Invention of the carbon dioxide laser

1964 First hologram produced by Leith and Upatnieks

1964 First vaccine for measles

1964 Acrylic paint developed

1964 Introduction of polyimide products

1964 Leslie Phillips develops carbon fibres

1964 Jean Sammet invented FORMAC programming language

1965 Invention of synthetic alternative to grass - Astroturf

1965 CO2 lasers used for metal cutting and welding

1966 Invention of the organic dye laser

1967 First vaccine for mumps

1967 Pontiac develop bumpers which partially absorb the energy of a collision

1967 Texas Instruments devise and market the first hand held calculator

1967 First video game invented by Ralph Baer

1968 RCA develops liquid crystal display

1969 Hoff develops the microprocessor

1969 ARPANET, the first computer network, is set up

1970 Silicon chips used for the first time in computer memory applications

1970 First vaccine for rubella

1971 Invention of Kevlar, a fiber five times stronger than steel

1971 Erna Schneider Hoover got patent for a computerized telephone switching system

1972 Kodak launch the instant color camera

1972 First email message sent

1973 Lauterbur invents magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);

1974 General Motors introduce the catalytic converter

1974 First vaccine for chicken pox

1974 Arthur Fry invents the Post-it note

1974 Professor Norio Taniguchi invented the term 'nanotechnology'

1975 Formation of Microsoft computer software company by Bill Gates and Paul Allen

1975 Altair 8800 personal computer is made available

1976 Cray-1 supercomputer

1976 IBM develops ink-jet printing technology

1977 Transmission of television signals using optical fibres is achieved

1977 First vaccine for pneumonia

1977 The Apple II personal computer is launched

1977 VHS format video recorder (VCR) developed

1978 First vaccine for meningitis

1980 Sony and Phillips invent the compact disc (CD)

1980 Development of liquid crystal polymer (LCP

1981 Rohrer and Binnig invent the scanning tunnelling microscope

1981 First vaccine for hepatitis B

1981 IBM release their first personal computer, with a Microsoft operating system

1981 GPS system becomes operational

1983 Internet was formed

1984 Compact disc players and CD-ROM systems become available

1984 Apple Macintosh computer launched

1984 DNA fingerprinting invented by Alec Jeffreys

1985 The atomic force microscope, able to identify individual atoms

1985 First vaccine for haemophilus influenzae type b

1986 Fuji develop and market the first disposable camera

1987 Positron microscope invented by van House and Rich

1987 Invention of disposable contact lenses

1988 Doppler radar invented

1989 Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web

1991 Friction stir weld process developed

1991 World Wide Web software developed

1991 First optical amplifiers that are built into the fiber optic cable

1992 First vaccine for hepatitis A

1996 First Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) players launched in Japan

1997 MIT develop electronic ink for printing

1998 First vaccine for Lyme disease

1998 First vaccine for rotavirus

1998 Invention of Viagra

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