Invention Timeline From 1900 to 1925 Including Inventions Like The Zepplin, Geiger Counter, Mercury Vapor Lamp, Stainless Steel, X-ray Crystallography and More!<

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An invention history timeline from 1900 to 1925 with over 80 inventions and inventors.






An invention history timeline from 1900 to 1925 with over 80 inventions developed over that period.

Invention history timeline.

1900 Ferdinand von Zeppelin builds the first airship

1900 Three-lens multi-spectral camera invented by Ives

1900 Nikola Tesla gets US. patent for a 'system of transmitting electrical energy'

1900 Dr. Rudolf Diesel demonstrated an engine which ran on peanut oil

1901 Marconi transmits radio waves that are detected across the Atlantic Ocean

1901 Johann Elster and Hans Geitel demonstrate radioactivity in rocks

1901 Thomas Edison invents the alkaline storage battery

1901 Invention of the safety razor by Gillette and the vacuum cleaner by Henry Booth

1901 First transatlantic radio signal sent

1902 Neon light created by George Claude

1902 Synthetic rubies produced by August Verneuil

1902 Air conditioning unit invented by Willis Carrier

1903 Ductile tungsten, as used in light bulbs, is invented by William Coolidge

1903 Mercury vapor lamp demonstrated by Peter Hewitt

1903 Benedictus develops safety glass

1903 Charles Curtis and develops the steam turbine generator

1903 William Emmet develops the steam turbine

1903 Bottle-making machinery, crayons and windscreen wipers

1903 Wright Brothers achieved first manned flight in their Kitty Hawk craft

1903 Mary Anderson invented the windscreen wiper

1903 Thermite welding invented

1904 Sir John Ambrose Fleming invented the two-electrode radio rectifier

1906 A sonar-type device is invented by Lewis Nixon

1906 Lee De Forest invents the triode

1907 First fully automated glassmaking machine developed

1907 Lumiere brothers develop color photography

1908 Liquid helium produced by Heike Onnes

1908 Geiger and Rutherford invent the Geiger counter

1908 Elmer Sperry invents the gyrocompass

1908 Maul developed gyro-stabilized camera mounted on rocket

1908 Production begins of Ford Motor Company's Model T

1909 Bakelite, the first totally synthetic plastic is announced

1909 Baekeland was granted a Heat and Pressure patent to develop phenolic resins

1909 Invention of precipitation hardening technique for aluminum alloys

1910 First movie picture with sound is developed by Thomas Edison

1910 Jacques Brandenberger invents cellophane

1911 Discovery of superconductivity by Dutch physicist Heike Onnes

1911 Thermal cracking of petroleum first takes place

1911 Electric starter motor for automobiles invented by Charles Kettering

1911 Charles Wilson invents a cloud chamber

1912 First neon advertising sign appears in Paris

1912 Ostromislensky patents use of plasticizers

1912 Invention of crystal diode by Pickard

1912 Invention of stainless steel by Harry Brearley

1912 Edwin Howard Armstrong invented radio signal amplifier

1913 Merck Chemical Co. develops and patents the drug Ecstasy

1913 Synthesis and patenting of polyvinyl acetate by Fritz Klatte

1913 New inventions this year include the bra, zip, and crossword puzzles

1913 Stainless steel invented in Sheffield, UK

1914 Garrett Morgan develops the gas mask named after him

1915 Lawrence and William Bragg discover X-ray crystallography

1915 Sonar developed by Frenchman Langevin

1916 Aircraft tracked in flight by Hoffman using thermopiles to detect heat effects

1916 Radio tuners invented, allowing users to select different broadcasts

1916 Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity is published

1917 Edwin Howard Armstrong invents the super-heterodyne circuit

1918 Aston discovers mass spectrography and isotopes

1919 Invention of super-heterodyne receiver

1919 Mass production of electric washing machines and refrigerators

1919 Non-rusting stainless steel patented by Haynes

1919 Post-war inventions include the arc welder,the pop-up toaster and short wave radio

1919 First commercial quench-hardened steel magnets made available

1919 Switching systems and rotary-dial telephones introduced in USA

1920 Earle Dickson combined gauze, tape and crinolene to develop the Band-Aid plaster

1920 Frequency multiplexing invented

1921 Ethyl gasoline introduced

1921 The first robot is developed and built

1921 Edith Clarke filed patent for graphical calculator

1922 Frederick Grant Banting develops insulin

1922 Staudinger synthesizes rubber

1923 Zworykin develops the iconoscope, the first television

1923 First electric refrigerator produced by Electrolux company

1923 Electrolux develops their refrigerator

1923Clarence Birdseye invents frozen food

1923 The self-winding watch is invented by Harwood

1923 Vladimir K. Zworykin applied for a patent on his iconoscope cathode ray tube

1924 Mannes and Godousky patent the first multi-layer film

1924 Pyrex invented by scientists at Corning

1924 Rice and Kellogg develop the loudspeaker

1925 John Logie Baird develops the mechanical television

1925 Production of 18/8 austenitic grade steel, later used for jet engines

1925 Leica 35mm format camera introduced

1925 18/8 austenitic grade steel adopted by chemical industry

1925 John Logie Baird successfully transmits the first recognizable image

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