Invention History Timeline From the Wheel to the 1800s Including the Wheel, Wooden Ploughs, Alcohol, the Compass, Windmills, and Many More!

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Invention History timeline beginning with the Sumerians invention of the wheel and proceeding to 1800.






Invention History Timeline - From the Wheel to the 1800s Including the Wheel, Wooden Ploughs, Alcohol, the Compass, Windmills, and Many More!

-3000 BC Invention of potter's wheel

-3000 BC Egyptians and Chinese develop materials similar to mortar and cement

-3000 BC Invention of candles

-3000 BC Evidence of soldering being used in Iraq

-2600 BC Egyptians invent and use glassware

-1800 BC In the Middle East and Asia Minor the smelting of iron ore was developed

-1700 BC Windmills developed by Babylonians; used to pump water for irrigation

-1500 BC Silk weaving demonstrated by Chinese

-1450 BC Egyptians use the sundial to measure time

-1350 BC Tutankhamen invents device to chart star positions

-1300 BC Invention of steel

-1200 BC Iron smelting appeared in Armenia

-1000 BC Pewter appears in China and Egypt

-1000 BC Resin developed from lacquer tree by the Chinese

-1000 BC Zinc and mercury produced in India

-950 BC Leather is used for writing and scrolls

-512 BC Cast iron produced from blast furnaces by Chinese

-450 BC Invention of the screw by Archytas of Tarentum

-400 BC Syracuse saw the development of catapults that fired arrows

-280 BC Egyptians build Pharos of Alexandria, the world's first lighthouse

-270 BC Water clock built by Ctesibius

-170 BC Pergamons invent parchment, on which scholars can write on both sides and fold

-140 BC Hipparchus invents trigonometry

-20 BC Vitruvius provides a description of concrete mixing

62 Hero of Alexandria invents the aeolipile, a primitive steam engine

100 Mary Hebraea invented the bain marie and a distillation device

105 Tsai Lun invents paper in China by mixing hemp, mulberry bark and rags with water

132 Chinese invent the seismoscope

271 Magnetic compass invented by Chinese scientists

350 Chinese develop printing technology using symbols carved into a wooden block

400 Hypatia of Alexandria invented the astrolabe

510 Block-book printing invented by Chinese

644 Persian inventors develop a wind-power machine

650 Horizontal windmill in use in Iran and Afganistan

700 Mills are powered by water wheels

700 Chinese invent porcelain

725 I-Hsing invents a mechanical clock which struck on the hour and half-hour

748 Printed newspaper appears in Chinese city of Peking

850 An early form of copper electroplating is developed by Spanish Moors

1000 Chinese use gunpowder in warfare

1015 Arabian physicist Alhazen develops parabolic mirrors

1023 Chinese print paper money

1045 Chinese inventor Bi Sheng invents moveable type

1150 Alcohol is first distilled in Europe

1182 Modern magnetic compass invented

1232 Chinese invent and use rockets

1303 First suggested use of lenses as an aid to correct eyesight

1326 Bronze canon firing iron balls in use in Florence

1332 The distillation of wine became known in France

1350 Aztecs invent drinking chocolate

1366 Invention of weighing scales

1485 Leonardo da Vinci sketched an idea for a parachute

1486 A copyright is issued for the first time on record

1510 Henlein invents the pocket watch

1513 Graf invents the etching process

1540 Formulation of ether as an anesthetic

1551 Erasmus Reinhold details how to use a pinhole camera to view Solar eclipses

1568 Barbaro publishes an account of the use of a convex lens

1590 Zacharias Janssen invents the compound microscope

1590 Dutch develop glass lenses, which are then used in microscopes and telescopes

1592 Galileo develops the thermoscope

1593 Galileo  invents a water thermometer

1701 Jethor Tull invents the seed drill as a farming aid

1709 Alcohol thermometer invented by Gabriel Fahrenheit

1710 Rene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur develops the first thermometer

1712 Newcomen and Savery develop a new type of working engine

1712 Thomas Newcomen develops a working atmospheric steam engine

1712 Thomas Savery and Thomas Newcomen build a practical working engine

1713 Rene de Reaumur makes spun glass fibers

1714 Gabriel Fahrenheit invents the mercury thermometer

1725 Edmund Culpeper designs a new type of telescope

1730 First compound magnet produced by Savery

1731 John Hadley invents the quadrant navigational aid

1733 John Kay invents the flying shuttle

1733 Invention of achromatic lens by Chester Moor Hall

1737 John Harrison produces a naval chronometer

1740 Benjamin Huntsman develops a crucible process to improve steel production

1742 Anders Celsius devises centigrade scale

1742 John Cuff designs a very simple compound microscope

1745 The Leyden jar, independently by Pieter van Musschenbroek and Ewald Georg von Kleist

1748 Jean-Antoine Nollet developed a primitive electroscope

1752 Benjamin Franklin performs his famous kite experiments

1754 The heliometer is invented by John Dollond

1757 James Watt began work on the steam engine

1757 John Campbell invents the sextant

1764 Invention of electrophorous machine by Johannes Wilcke

1764 James Hargreaves invented the Spinning

1769 Richard Arkwright invented a spinning frame used water power

1769 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot demonstrates a steam wagon, a predecessor the automobile

1775 Alessandro Volta invents an electrometer

1775 Beginning of the Industrial Revolution in England

1776 Lavoisier invented oxygen cutting of metals

1777 Charles Coulomb introduces the torsion balance

1779 Patent for stucco (hydraulic cement) issued by Bry Higgins

1779 Samuel Crompton invented the Mule, a spinning device used to spin muslin

1780 Central draught fixed oil lamp developed by Argand

1780 Carangeot invented the hand goniometer

1783 Montgolfier and Michel invented the hot air balloon

1783 Self-winding clock patented by Benjamin Hanks

1783 Benjamin Franklin develops the first bifocal glasses

1790 Claude Chappe invents semaphore

1790 First US patent issued - for a machine that spins cotton

1790 First US census recorded a population of 3.9 million

1791 Peal patents the waterproofing of fabrics with a rubber solution

1793 Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin to separate seeds from fibre

1794 Cotton gin patented by Eli Whitney

1795 Nicholas-Jacques Conte mixes clay and graphite to produce the modern pencil

1796 Edward Jenner creates a vaccine for smallpox

1800 The voltaic cell (Volta's pile) is invented by Alessandro Volta

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