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The latest scientific inventions and what they mean to us.

Foretelling the future is a difficult feat, but I'm up to the challenge.  There are several areas where I believe there will be significant future inventions that will dramatically affect our lives, just as the latest scientific inventions are doing now. 

Who can argue that the cell phone hasn't changed our lives. The cell phone was really a cool new invention. And the changes we've experienced are nothing compared to what some third world countries have experienced with the cell phone.  In many countries there is no infrastructure to support land lines, and thus outside of the cities there is basically no phone service. Not anymore, now cell phones are popping up everywhere, providing a service we take for granted.

Cell phones were great, smart phones are better...what cool new invention will be next?

So getting back to future inventions, how about even more amazing cell phone devices?  I've just recently obtained an iPhone, and it is amazing.  But come on, there are more things it could be taught to do!  How about setting it down on a table, and put it in projector mode where it projects its images onto a wall or screen?  Build in a laser pointer. 

Build into it health diagnostics. You touch a sensor and it measures your pulse and blood pressure or whatever.  How about building in a carbon monoxide detector.  Since you usually have your cell phone with you even in motels and your work place, it would be perfect for warning you about smoke or co2 or any number of other toxic gases. 

Future inventions for the military

Another area where we can predict new future inventions is in military weapons and systems.  I just recently saw demonstrations of a new crowd-control type non-lethal weapon that uses some kind of microwave radiation that makes humans feel as though they are on fire.  The moment you step out of the beam or it gets blocked or shut off there is no pain. It's like flipping a switch on or off.  It's effective up to a mile away.  Great weapon!  We will probably see new non-lethal weapons invented.  I like to see the military come up with cool new non-lethal inventions and weapons.

Medicine is always a hotbed of innovation

Medical devices can't be left out.  Perhaps medical devices are the hottest of the categories as far as future inventions, and cool new products are concerned.  Pace makers and insulin pumps are routine these days.  Artificial hearts are keeping patients alive long enough to find donors.   Implantable artificial retinas are being experimented with.  Controlling artificial limbs with brain waves is in its infancy and growing in effectiveness.  We will probably see a rash of artificial organs, and new prosthetics with new and better methods of control arrive on the scene in the near future.

Energy inventions and new products

The most important future inventions might deal with new ways of harvesting energy, storing energy, and harnessing energy.  When I was a kid the batteries had a carbon anode in the center and a zinc cathode for the case.  The carbon rod in the center was great for making home-made arc lamps.  Anyway, batteries have come a long long way, but I predict we will see batteries with 100 times the storage capacity of current batteries.  This will make all-electric vehicles a reality and dramatically change the world economic and political scene.  We might well see a breakthrough in solar cell technology too.

Some headway is being made with wireless power transmission.  Who wouldn't want to get rid of the cords for all those table and floor lamps?  Imagine doing away with all the power cords in your home and office! Perhaps wireless power transmission is the next big thing! Wireless house floor lamps and table lamps would be a really cool new product!


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